Categories to Charge Fees to Start Home Cleaning Company

Planning to start your own business in the cleaning industry, just give some time to aware yourself with few of the general trends associated with the entire cleaning industry. Particularly, you should never forget about knowing various ways related to determining the fee, you should charge to deliver your cleaning solutions. Based on broad classification, you may charge fees to start home cleaning company under two different categories, which include the following-

Flat Rate

One of the easiest ways to charge fee is to choose flat rate for your delivered services. To determine the flat rate, you have to calculate the size of any home or office area, the extent of its disorganization, exact numbers of rooms and calculating the time you require. Even you may charge flat rate based on the frequency of delivered cleaning solutions. For instance, if you opt to clean any premise for one time in a month, you require relatively long time to complete the cleaning process. In this situation, you have to charge a relatively high amount as compared to the one you charge while delivering cleaning services for once in a week.

Per Room

A few of the individuals opt to start home cleaning company choose to charge fees based on specific room. However, cleaners treat each room in a different way. For instance, cleaning of a kitchen or a bathroom requires relatively more time as compared to cleaning the hall area or any guest room. In this way, charge will vary depending on the specific type of room, cleaning staffs have to clean. Another effective way to calculate the charges for each room is doing once own calculation and later on, considers an average of the rates to find out a definite rate per room. Alternatively, if you have to clean any large premise (home or workplace), you may decide your rate on per square foot basis.

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